Mirai and Taishi’s 10 Month Update

As we enter the spring season it's starting to hit me how close these babies are to being a year old! Despite a few colds and tummy issues, the last couple of months have been busy with several transitions and developments, particularly in the realm of sleep and eating. I'll start with our daily schedule [...]

My C-Section Recovery

I recently delivered my twins via a scheduled c-section and thought it may be helpful for those if you who may be preparing for one as well. In my birth story I talk at length about the experience of the actual surgery but here I want to share more about the recovery process. A big [...]

Mirai and Taishi’s Twin Birth Story

This birth story starts much differently than my last one. The effects of COVID-19 can be seen across that world, and Tokyo is no exception. In my third trimester update, I wrote about my feelings on giving birth alone, something I, nor many people I know, ever thought they would have to do. And yet [...]