Asahi at 8 and 9 Months

These couple of months were quite busy since we traveled to the US for the first time and Asahi met a lot of new people! While we were in Hawaii, Asahi also got salmonella which was horrible! He actually got it from drinking pool water before we left, but the symptoms began to show up [...]

1 Year Update

I can't believe my little baby is already a year old! I know every parent probably says this but this year has gone by faster than any others in my life. I guess that's what consistent lack of sleep will do to you! For this update I actually made a video, so check out Asahi's [...]

My Baby Carrier Collection

Hey all! I wanted to write a bit about my baby carrier collection because it's definitely grown this year! I've used all of my carriers for different reasons, seasons, and stages of my baby's life so I want to chat a bit about that too! Babywearing is a part of my daily life here in [...]